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Costain makes new Mouchel bid

General labourers and manual worker recruiters Extraman Recruitment, who supply labourers, skilled and unskilled workers to the construction markets in South West London, East London, North and South London. Are watching with great interest the bidding wars going on in the construction sector, as the stronger construction firms who weathered the storms of the last couple of years. Seek to make strategic purchases and/or pick up bargains in the form of firms who struggled.


The movement in ownership is often mirrored in the movement of staff, be that perm staff, contract staff and/ temp staff. Some firms policies on workers differ etc and this an a hundred other factors creates movement.


In period of great changes to the workforce, it is key to have a sound recruitment partner to fall back on. With 41 years, and counting, experience under its belt Extraman is the right choice if your looking to recruit one man to one thousand. To find out how we can help you with your recruitment needs for labourers, skilled and unskilled workers give us a call on 0207 373 3045.


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