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Homeserve Rival launched by Centrica

It has just been announced that a Homeserve rival has been launched by Centrica. This follows concerns about competition that scuppered a previous bid for the provider.

Centrica, who are the owners of industry giant British Gas, were thought to have entered into talks about a £2.5bn takeover of the Homeserve brand, as the company wanted to take focus away from the traditional model of energy supply that they were associated with. This is due to the fact this type of model is under threat, because of the number of low cost alternatives that are becoming increasingly available on the market. After talks for this deal fell flat, Centrica made the decision to launch their own rival website, which works by matching up customers and tradespeople in their local area – all of whom have been approved by the company.


The tradespeople will include plumbers, electricians, heating experts and drainage professionals, meaning that it will cover a lot of issues that people may be experiencing within their home. Not only will professionals be matched with customers, but there will also be a 12 month guarantee on all work completed by people found through the site, which means that customers needn’t worry that they aren’t going to get the best quality work possible.


Already, more than 2,500 tradespeople have signed up to the website, and it is thought that hundreds of thousands of jobs will have been completed in customers’ homes by 2020.


Centrica claim to have had this idea in the pipeline for some time, ever since it was decided that the company would base their business around the growing digital home industry.


Keeping in line with this part of the industry, Centrica have also purchased a 40% share of website Checkatrade, where tradespeople are reviewed and rated so that individuals can be certain that they are hiring trusted professionals to complete work in their home. The company hope to increase this share to 75% within the next two years, and this can surely only mean a positive relationship between the website and Centrica’s new venture.


The CEO of Centrica, Mark Hodges, discussed how this new website brings innovation, and should change the way that technology will impact the way our homes are able to run. It is the first website of its kind, that allows customers to be guided through the process from start to finish, with a year’s guarantee that any work completed will be high quality.


When you consider how difficult it can be to choose a professional to come to work in your home, it seems likely that this website will provide the reassurance that so many people need. 

Posted by: Extraman Recruitment