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Extraman expands!

Established in 1986, Extraman has seen peaks, troughs, recessions, booms, labour abundance, labour shortages, double digit interest rates, and most variables that over thirty years of trading entails.

Within our own world, the National Minimum Wage, Holiday pay, Agency Worker Regulations, and Auto-Enrolment pension legislation have all changed the landscape - largely for the better, although increasing considerably the admin burden and the resulting costs.

Extraman has surfed the waves, expanding and contracting over time as customers come and go, move out of London, work in now obsolete industries (Technicolor Video Duplication) or for collapsed companies (Woolworths).

Having experienced a few comparatively fallow years, we are now growing again and have recently added three new staff to bring our headcount at Earl's Court up to nineteen. While this makes our premises a little cosier than ideal, there is a renewed vibrancy within the company. Diverse we are, too, with our staff having begun their lives in the UK, Australia, Jamaica, South Africa, Poland, and Latvia.

When Extraman began, there were any number of privately-owned companies working within the same market as us. Now, within the centre of London, at least, there are none that we know of. To be expanding confidently in a world dominated by big corporate concerns is something that we are proud of and committed to continuing.
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