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Moving in the right direction

As part of the Good Work Plan, the Government has brought into effect new laws so that 300,00 workers who have not previously received a payslip must now do so.

This is part of a series of measures, most of which will not happen until April 2020, designed to improve conditions for lower paid workers, including agency staff.

At Extraman, we have issued payslips for over 40 years, so nothing will change for our staff. The government's estimate of the numbers that have not been getting this very basic right shows the scale of reform that is needed. However, a step in the right direction can only be positive.

There is plenty more to come in a year's time, which will help reduce the exploitation of lower paid workers, including repeal of the notorious Swedish derogation. 

Throughout our news pages, there is reference to the corruption that has characterised much of the recruitment industry. At last the government is taking notice and making it harder to gain commercial advantage by exploiting workers. There is a very long way to go but the direction of travel contains some encouragement.
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