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Good news for EU Nationals in the UK

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"Theresa May has abandoned another of her Brexit “red lines”, by agreeing that EU citizens who arrive during her planned transition period can settle in the UK.

The Prime Minister had vowed to fight Brussels’ demand for residency rights be granted to its nationals who move in the period – of about two years – when the UK will still abide by EU rules.

In January, she insisted the rights offered had to be “different” because those people would be “coming to a UK they know will be outside the EU”.

But Downing Street has now quietly dropped that stance, after the EU warned it would prevent talks beginning on a future trade deal".

So reports The Independent and this can only be good news, both for employers and EU citizens in the UK. The lack of fuss may be surprising, given the much heralded control of our borders that those voting for Brexit apparently insisted upon. At least the date is now put back when the UK can turn its attention towards expelling the workforce that by then the country will be desperate to keep and, probably, increase.
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