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Springtime changes

Type:Warehousing Recruitment
April will see a rise in pay for those on National Living wage, which will rise from £7.50 per hour to £7.83 per hour.

With holiday pay added, that means that no-one working for us will earn less than £8.77.

In addition, for those who have worked for over 12 weeks and are enrolled in Auto-enrolment pensions, there will be significant changes. There will be a deduction of 3% of all earnings over £116 per week along with a contribution of 2% from us.

As an example, someone working 40 hours at £8.50 per hour = £340 per week will see £6.72 deducted from pre-tax pay and £4.48 added by Extraman, meaning £11.20 will go into their pension pot.
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