Warehouse Management trends - robots help not hinder

Right now, there is a lot of gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands around the introduction of more advanced robots in the field of warehouse management. Of course, a little apprehension is reasonable and would be expected no matter what innovation was being rolled out. However, what it is essential to realize here is that the overwhelming evidence is that robots can help improve warehouse management, rather than hinder it. In fact, there are 3 main ways that robots can do this. Read on to find out what they are


The first benefit of using robots in a warehouse management setting is an increase in productivity. In fact, productivity can be boosted in your business in several ways with robotics. 

One way of achieving this is to autonomous, robotic picking solutions instead of expecting your staff to do repetitive manual labor all day. Something that allows them to stay in the areas where they are most needed.

Additionally, by assigning such tasks to robots, you can ensure the fastest completion time and fewer picking mistakes. Something that stays constant no matter the time of day or temperature in the building. A feature that means you can reduce a significant amount of time on every round of tasks. Which can really add up to substantial productivity savings over time. 

Increase safety 

As any warehouse manager or employer will know, safety in these large complex spaces is a paramount concern. 

The great thing about using robots in a warehouse setting is that they can make a significant difference to the safety of those working around them. In fact, many warehouse models are programmed with collision avoidance systems, which not only protect the people around them but your equipment and premises as well. 

In fact, safety standards for warehouse robotics have evolved considerably over the last 5 years. The main driving force behind this being to build safety into their systems. Something that can be configured and customized for the needs and layout of each business that uses them. 

Better for employee satisfaction - 

You may think that as an employer or warehouse manager, the main issue that you will need to overcome when using robots is the resistance from your current employees. 

However, their hesitance may not be nearly as strong as you would expect. Especially if you highlight all of the benefits to their experience and work satisfaction that robots can bring. 

After all, few workers would prefer to do tedious, manual, repetitive tasks all day long. Rather than tasks more dynamic and critical to the success of the project they are working on. Of course, by using robots, you can significantly reduce if not eliminate their need to do the former.  
However, despite the apparent benefits, you may get a few workers that are a little apprehensive about working with robots. Although, smart employers can use a variety of strategies such as involving employees in the implementation and making the robots easy to interact with. Both of these can help to minimize such issues. Thereby ensuring that the introduction and integration of robots in their business goes as smoothly as possible. 
Posted by: Extraman Recruitment