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Extraman is as much an institution in Earl's Court as are over-crowded hotels, fast-food outlets, and pubs, and just about as well patronised. In 2021, we will be celebrating 50 years of organising and placing legions of staff from all over the world which has provided us with an experience in our field that others can only dream about. At the time of writing, we are also confident that we will be fortunate enough to have also survived the worst of the pandemic.

Starting in the year that The Beatles split up, Extraman has prospered through recessions, strikes, wars, reality TV and the social media revolution to become, we believe, the largest independent supplier of unskilled labour in London. The company changed ownership in 1986 but the ethos and personnel have been consistent for half a century.

Sited within view of the underground station, and on a direct line from Heathrow Airport, Extraman has been the first port of call for thousands of workseekers over the years who have heard of Extraman's abilities to match their requirements to those scores of companies and institutions that come to us to source their temporary staff.

Extraman reaps the benefits of its long history by continuing to attract a multitude of applicants who have been recommended by word of mouth. Having access to such a huge network is a significant factor in Extraman's continued success.  

The integrity of Extraman has never been in doubt. In an increasingly litigious age, we have never fallen foul of courts or industrial tribunals. Our stated aim of treating both workseekers and clients with respect and offering both a professional and personal service has remained constant throughout the company's history.

The Recruitment Industry is characterised by a merry-go-round of changing personnel and shifting loyalties. Extraman is different. Rather than recruiting from within the industry, all our staff have been trained from scratch, and neither have we ever lost a member of staff to a competitor. All clients know our key people, and our relationships last. We number amongst our client portfolio customers who have used Extraman since before the Berlin Wall came down.

While proud of its long history, Extraman remains at the forefront of the recruitment industry. In areas such as industry leading ethical standards, compliance with all aspects of the Agency Worker Regulations, access to senior management for temps and clients alike, the supply of full performance analysis to our larger clients and innovative approaches to customer needs, we believe that we are still ahead of the field. However, please don't take our word for it, review our clients testimonials to see what they have to say.

November 2022