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What makes us different?

What makes us different?

We believe that the package we offer is unique, in that no other agency, to the best of our knowledge, can offer all of the following features: 


Every working day since 1970 has seen Extraman temps working in London. The recruitment industry is characterised by flux, by the swallowing of smaller companies by larger ones, and by the steady migration of recruitment consultants from one to another. Extraman remains unchanged and proudly independent.


Fifty per cent of our staff have worked for Extraman for over ten years, and all four directors for over twenty.  We neither recruit from other agencies, nor do we lose staff to competitors. We spurn the traditional "sales, sales, sales" approach that characterises many of our rivals, in favour of an approach where staff spend all their energy on satisfying the needs of our customers and our temporary workforce. All our staff earn profit share as a team; none are on personal commission. Word of mouth remains our most powerful sales tool. We are diverse, as well, with 50% of our 18 strong workforce being female and several nationalities and ethnicities represented.


The recruitment industry has a reputation - often richly deserved - for sharp practices and unethical behaviour. Even today, we hear of temps being denied their rightful holiday pay, and agencies offering unrealistically low prices to customers on the back of highly dubious tax avoidance schemes. At Extraman, we promote transparency, and honesty, and are proud that, in our long history, we have never fallen foul of the law courts or industrial tribunals. Our clients know that protection form reputational risk is absolute. ("Our Ethics" contains more information and customer guarantees).


We focus on industrial staff and our operation is solely geared to that objective, with the exception of our Office Jobs division, which complements our main operation. Our team is trained to understand the needs of industry, our opening hours reflect the demands of our customers, and our recruitment and selection of temporary staff focuses on the industrial sector.


Extraman has serviced customers with as many as a thousand temps per day, from a fully managed, on-site office. Equally, many of our clients have just the occasional requirement for temporary help on a small scale basis. Our operation is geared up for both extremes, and everything in between. Small enough to care, big enough to cope.


The buck does not get passed at Extraman. Clients and temps alike are welcome to contact one of our four directors at any time, and will always receive a prompt and personal response.

And finally....................

At Extraman, our success is built upon developing longstanding relationships, both with customers and staff. We do not waste our time in annoying sales calls, pretentious mission statements, or trying to re-invent the wheel. We simply work very hard, to provide the right people in the right place at the right time for the right price.

And if, on occasion, we get it wrong, we apologise, and work even harder to put it right.