CSCS Labourers

What is CSCS?

The CSCS qualification is an easy and inexpensive way to get access to a wide range of construction jobs in the UK.

CSCS is the Construction Skills Certification Scheme and is a Health and Safety Test that is designed to raise standards across the construction industry and increase awareness of Health and Safety issues when working on site.

Why should I take the test?

The CSCS card proves that you have a sound understanding of Health and Safety issues on site and through this test you have proven that you are aware of the risks.

On the larger construction sites in London, the CSCS card is now mandatory.

A large number of Extraman clients are requesting that the temporary workers we supply have cards.

With Extraman, any labourer who has passed the CSCS test and is working on a CSCS site is paid at a higher rate than a non CSCS labourer.

How do I apply?

If you are interested in sitting the CSCS test, contact the Extraman consultants who will then book the test, on your behalf, with the CITB. We can also supply the book which you will need to read through before taking the test.

If you continue to work with Extraman for 4 weeks after you have passed this test, we will refund you the test fee.

Alternatively you can book this through

How do I take the test?

You are supplied with a book from which to study. In this book you will find questions presented in multiple choice format. When you sit the test, the test questions are delivered on a computer screen, in the same format that you find in the book.

Most questions will give four answers, only one of which is correct. Some questions will ask you to select more than one option to properly answer the question.

You only need to have a basic understanding of computers, all you will need to do is click the relevant boxes using a mouse. Before the test begins you will be given time to practise to get used to the way the test will work.

How difficult is the test?

You do not need to learn the book provided word for word, however you will need to understand what the Health and Safety standards are for both you and that of the people around you.

Many of the answers are common-sense and if you are accustomed to following the Health and Safety regulations whilst working on site, you should have no difficulty in selecting the correct answers.

I am ready to take the test.

If you ready to take the test, please contact the Extraman office now on 0207 373 3045.