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Over the decades, women have managed to secure work in virtually every field. From law, to medicine, to academia, female workers have clawed their way into trade after trade, tackling prejudiced thinking as they went....
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There’s the ever and ongoing argument between employers and employees of what’s the legal or ‘allowed’ temperature to be working in....
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It has always been a challenge to be able to find the right people to do work that needs to be done around your home....
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There is no doubt that it can be risky to add your boss on any kind of social media platform, as you never know what they might be able to find that could have an impact on their impression of you as a professional....
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With more people than ever choosing to use social media such as Snapchat, HR experts have warned that this can cause problems within the workplace environment. The issues that are caused are due to the way that the app is designed, and how it is supposed to function.
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