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According to research conducted by Plentific, the home services marketplace, has revealed that us Brits seemed to have an issue with tradesmen coming in our homes to carry out maintenance and repairs for us....
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There has been lots of controversy flying around London temp's rights in the workplace, and we have seen many workers cases being flared up on the news, from dress code discrimination to harsh time keeping rules, there are many workers who feel that their place of work implements unfair 'rules'.
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The government have discussed the possibility of giving young migrants under the age of 30 work visas spanning two years, which will allow them to live and work in the country for this period of time....
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The warehousing industry is demanding, and as such it is vital that all health and safety issues are considered carefully. Recent reports have stated that in one warehouse of a big retailer, there were 80 ambulances called to incidents over a period of two years....
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With the frantic environment of the business world ever changing, additional demand can cause many a problem for organisations that are exhausting their capacity during busy periods....
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