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Warehouse Management Trends - More Security Needed Post Brexit

Brexit, love it or hate it, there is no doubt that it will have an effect on a range of factors concerning your business's warehouse management. In particular, security is something that is being significantly impacted by the UK's leaving of the European Union. A topic you can read all about in the post below. 

How Brexit is creating a need for more security in warehouses

There are several reasons why Brexit means an increased need for security in the warehouses of many businesses. The first is that because of possible delays in import and export caused by the changes associated with Brexit, many companies have chosen to stockpile valuable and popular stock. Something that allows them to continue to fulfill their orders. 

Of course, this means that there are many more warehouses around the country, jammed packed full of valuable stock. Something that is an obvious security risk and is only made worse by the remote location of most warehouses. 

The problem of finding security staff post- Brexit 

Unfortunately, the increased need for warehouse security post Brexit also means that more security staff will be needed to protect valuable stock. The problem with this is that due to changes in immigration and labor laws, recruiting people for such positions also becomes a lot harder. Especially for posts with unsocial hours such as the all-night shift 

However, the good news is that there are some tactics that warehouse managers can use to make sure of their valuable stock. Something that can help them to protect the viability of their business. This includes combining the placement of physical staff with the use of the high tech security options like alarm systems, and CCTV. 

In fact, well-placed security cameras are an essential tool in this fight, Just be sure to position them to hit the acute angles of entries and exits and hallways. The reason being that this will provide your CCTV operative with the best chance of spotting and stopping anyone that is a threat. 

Of course, such CCTV systems need to be remotely operated to protect the safety and integrity of those working them. Although, additional features such as silent alarms that trigger off-site security or police visits or announcements that those breaking in have been seen can be fitted as needed. All things that should help to maintain the security of your warehouse, no matter how large the post Brexit stockpile it houses within. 

Another type of security - infrastructure

Finally, there is another type of security that your business needs to be aware of post - Brexit. It is the security of having a stable and effective infrastructure. That is warehouse space in which to store ( or stockpile your goods) as needed. 

Unfortunately, since breaking with Europe, the availability of such warehouse space is fast declining. Something that makes warehouse space close to major cities and logistic routes a valuable and pricey commodity indeed. One that has the potential to threaten not just the physical security of your business, but it's overall security or viability in the medium to long term as well.
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