How many myths have there been this year about millennials?

‘Millennials’ is not just another word for ‘kids today’. The term refers to people born between 1981 and 1996 - so the oldest are in their mid 30’s. Do the stereotypes of the ‘me generation’ hold water? Global Web Index surveyed 52,871 millennials to find out.

1. Are they very cosmopolitan?

This one’s true - millennials are 12% more likely than the average internet user to express interest in other countries, cultures, and lifestyles, and 23% more likely to go abroad every six months. 75% believe it’s important to stay in touch with what’s happening in the world, and 50% regularly try foods from other countries.

2. Are they financially illiterate?

While millennials are more comfortable borrowing money, this stereotype is largely untrue. Millennials are the most proactive investors - 52% invest. They’re also the most positive about the global economy, and roughly 50% say money is the best measure of success.

3. Are they all fitness fanatics?

Yes - but so are the rest of us. All generations are equally conscious of their health and appearance. However, millennials are the healthiest shoppers, with 66% aiming to buy natural and organic, and 60% willing to pay more for eco-friendly products. They drink much less than their elders, and younger millennials are the biggest gym buffs.

4. Are they narcissistic?

Aren’t we all? While 7 in 10 millennials like to look after their appearance, that’s consistent across all generations - and 47% of both millennials and Gen Z like to stand out from the crowd. However, millennials are the most likely group to have bought make-up, cosmetics, skincare products, exfoliating products, and general beauty products in the last month.

5. Are they anti-advertising?

This one’s pretty valid - millennials are the most likely to use an ad-blocker nearly every day. 50% think there are too many ads on the internet. They also block ads that are annoying and irrelevant (46%), or intrusive (44%) but only 23% object to ads being personalised based on their browsing histories - so thoughtfully tailored ads are the way to reach a millennial audience.

Posted by: Extraman Recruitment