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How to conduct a video interview: 8 tips

While we’ve all become very familiar with video meetings during COVID-19, do you know how to conduct a video interview? With so many people still working from home, chances are you’re going to need to. It’s a very different process from an in-person interview, so check out these 8 tips to be sure you’re not caught unprepared

1. Don’t wing it 

Be prepared. Contact the candidate and let them know what to expect: who will call who, which video platform you’ll use, who else will be on the call. This will put them at ease and make everything go more smoothly.

2. Test your tech

Run a test interview on Skype, Zoom, or whichever platform you’re using a day or two in advance so you have time to fix any problem. Check your webcam, microphone, and internet connection – and make sure you know your login and your device is charged!

3. Have a Plan B

Have the candidate’s email and phone number on hand, so if something doesn’t work, you can always just make it a phone interview. Or if one or other of you is having bandwidth struggles, see if turning off your cameras will solve it and have a ‘phone interview’ on your video platform.

4. Minimise distractions 

Turn off alerts and chats and put a ‘do not disturb’ sign on your door during an interview. Avoid moving around too much or having anything distracting or unprofessional in the background. If you do need to conduct an interview in front of your dirty laundry pile or your collection of Marvel figurines, many video platforms allow you to set a blank background.

5. Look professional 

Dress as if it’s an in-person interview. Yes, from the waist down too. You’d be surprised how often you have to stand up during a video interview, or the camera gets knocked and reveals your pyjama pants.

6. Come prepared 

Print out the candidate’s resume and a list of questions to ask them. Log in early to make sure your tech’s working so you’re not rushed.

7. Watch your nonverbal signals

Pause for a few seconds at the end of each question or statement to avoid talking over each other. Speak calmly and clearly, but don’t forget to smile and laugh! And make eye contact – remember that means looking into the camera, not at the person’s eyes on the screen. 

8. Have a strong close 

End by telling your candidate what will happen next and asking them if they have any questions. Finally, thank them for their time. You’ll leave them with a positive impression of you and of your company.
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