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How to make a long-term temp feel part of the team?

Making your temps feel valued will make them happier and more productive. Here’s how.

Have an onboarding procedure
Welcome your temp as if they are a permanent hire - give them a tour, assign them a mentor, bring them up to speed on workplace policies and procedures (especially HR policies) and give them any training they might need.

Introduce them to the team
Your temp may feel awkward about talking to permanent employees, so introduce them to everyone they’ll be working with and maybe set up a ‘get to know you’ lunch on their first day.

Give them tools
Don’t make your temp feel temporary. Give them their own workspace and supplies, and if possible, intranet access and an employee badge with the appropriate security clearance.

Include them in meetings
While meetings might not be directly relevant to your temp, they need to understand how their work fits into the big picture in order to feel valued. Invite them to meetings, ask for their input, and invite them to any team social events too.

Your temp wants to know how they’re doing. Recognising their contributions and giving constructive feedback will inspire them to work harder. Let them know you’re open to their feedback and opinions too - temps are a diverse lot and can offer unique perspectives. 

By making your temps feel like part of the team, you not only boost morale and productivity but also build your talent pipeline - who knows, that temp might just become permanent.
Posted by: Extraman Recruitment