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Why use a recruitment company to fill temporary construction positions?

Recent uncertain economic times have seen a move by businesses towards using contract staff to fill vacant positions within their organisations, rather than taking on permanent employees. Here are a few of the many advantages of using a recruitment company to provide your construction business in London with temporary contract staff to bridge that recruitment gap.

Fast response

A big advantage that can be gained through using a recruitment company is that they will be able to fill your vacancy quickly with qualified staff who are already on their books. This means that you don’t have to wait weeks or even months to fill the position as you would if you were using a traditional recruiting route.

Appropriately qualified staff

A good recruitment company will have a register of well-qualified applicants who have been interviewed, pre-screened, and skills-tested. This saves you valuable time and resources as you won’t have to carry out such assessments yourself.


Contract staff are employed for a flexible contract term, as per your requirements. When you no longer require their services, you simply notify the recruitment company that the contract is complete. This also means that, if a temporary worker turns out not to be a good fit for your business, you can ask the agency for a more suitable replacement without the hassle of having to actually fire anyone.

Permanent recruitment

If a contract worker turns out to be an exceptional employee, there’s often the opportunity to offer them a permanent position with your company. This has the big advantage that you already know that the person can do the job well, fits in with your other staff and your business ethic.

Market knowledge

A good recruitment company will be knowledgeable about the market sector in which your particular business operates and will have access to staff from that specialist area. They will be familiar with aspects of the field like pay rates, contract terms etc. and will negotiate favourable terms for you.

Promotion of your employer brand

Big businesses with large budgets and well-established brands tend to attract the best candidates for vacancies. A good recruitment company can give potential candidates a very valuable understanding of what your business could offer them and how a contract with you could benefit their future career. If you build a good relationship with your recruitment company, they will be able to present you as an ‘employer of choice’ to high-quality people who are looking for contract opportunities, thus enhancing your business reputation within your field.

Budgets and resources

Many small businesses have neither the money nor the resources to expend the time needed to recruit top-quality permanent or contract staff. A trusted recruitment company will do all the legwork for you, making their fee well worth the investment.

In conclusion

When it comes to recruiting contract staff to bridge gaps in your workforce, a recruitment company has many advantages. Save your business money and hassle by having a chat with the experts at Extraman Recruitment to staff your next construction project.

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