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How you can make improvements to your pallet selection process

No matter what kind of goods you are buying, you are likely to be thinking about money, as you will need to balance your budget at the end of the financial year. However, it is important to ensure that even though budget is a factor, you are still able to purchase a product that is right for you. Many people fail to buy the plastic pallets that they really need, because they are thinking about cost alone. Here are some things that you should think about before choosing your pallets.


What are you going to be using the pallets for?


This is by far one of the most important questions that you need to ask, from a safety point of view as well as a financial one. If your load requirements are larger, stronger pallets will be needed. This is likely to come with additional cost. If you fail to purchase pallets that suit the loads that you are dealing with, you are risking safety. You will also need to spend more money on the upkeep of the pallets in the future, which means that any initial saving was false economy.


How will your load be resting when it is on the pallet?


If your load will be sitting solidly on the pallet you will probably want to purchase a lipped pallet, as these are sturdier and safer when loaded. If it is likely that there will be an overhang, then a lip could cause it to be more unstable, so it wouldn’t be the most suitable option for your needs. You should never simply buy a set of pallets without thinking about how your load is going to fit onto them when being used.


How are your pallets dealt with while being moved?


In the modern world of technology, lots of companies are choosing to use automated machines to move pallets around. If this is something you are using, you would need to choose pallets that are going to fit with this. If you are considering using this kind of technology in the future then it may still be a good idea to purchase these pallets – as it would mean that you are ready for it when it happens, and wouldn’t have to buy an entirely new set further down the line. If you are thinking about this kind of warehouse upgrade then it is something to think about, as being prepared can help you to save money in the future.


Will you be using your pallets again?


If you work within a company that uses a closed loop supply chain, then you are going to be using the pallets that you purchase on many different occasions. This means that you want them to be able to last for a long time, and as a result you may wish to invest in higher quality ones than if you were simply using them to ship goods overseas – as that would be the only time it would be used. If you will be using the pallets over and over, then it is a good investment into your company to make sure that they are going to last.


How often do you need pallets, and in what quantity?


It is important that you don’t think about your purchase as a one-off – unless it genuinely is. If you are working in a company that regularly handles pallets, it is always worth mentioning this when you buy them, as it means that you may have access to a better deal if you will be ordering regularly. This is because repeat customers often qualify for lower rates. You should think about what your long-term needs are going to be, and share this insight with the company. From there, they will then be able to work with you to arrange the best possible price for your needs.


How will they be stored?


If it is likely that your pallets will be getting wet, or experiencing a range of temperatures, you will need to make sure that the material you choose is resilient enough to deal with this. There is little use in buying cheap pallets to store outside, only to find that you can’t do anything with them when you need them because they have been damaged by the weather.


No matter how many pallets you need or what they are going to be used for, there is a way of working out exactly what you need. Doing this rather than making a blind order is the best thing for your business in the long term, as it will mean that you can deal with your needs in the best possible way. This way, you always have the pallets that you need at your disposal. 

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