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Temping is the new internship

Many students like the idea of internships, but the financial reality is such that they cannot afford to take an unpaid position.

Whilst there are opportunities for students to earn money working behind bars or other similar jobs, many do not consider how useful a recruitment agency could be for them.

Temping, especially over the summer holiday, is a good way to not only earn some extra cash but gain a wide variety of work experience – which boosts your CV and normally means you don’t have to work weekends!

Many of the types of jobs you will be doing get you to see inside different types of companies.  For example, you may be paid to take part in an event in the City of London for a Big 4 bank one day and a small party for a digital company in Shoreditch the next.  You will soon begin to see the types of places you prefer.

It’s also important to remember that not only can it provide experience and money, but a temp job also has the opportunity for you to expand you network.  And when you consider that more than a third of graduate jobs are awarded to students who have worked for that employer when studying, you could be sitting on a future career. And even if that isn’t an option for you, the experience helps you during the interview process.  Because you are given the opportunity to work with a range of different people and face new situations, it gives you something to talk about.  Standing out from the swathe of graduates spouting academic theory, but who have no real world experience, can help you land the graduate job.

So if you are interested in temp work, then you need to find an agency, like Extraman, who has a range of opportunities.  And remember, a job that doesn't sound interesting at first may end up becoming interesting and develop your key skills.

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