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Salary trends: electricians are on the up

The results of a recent salary survey have just been released, and it remains the case that electricians are the highest earners across all trades. This has been the case for the previous four years, so may not come as too much of a shock, however what is more interesting is the fact that other trades’ salaries have fallen – despite the rise for electricians.


An average salary of almost £31,000


When the average salary is discussed, it refers to the mean value. This means that half of electricians will earn less than this, and half will earn more. It is a good indication of trends, and the survey showed that while this average has risen, other trades have fallen. This may be in part because only salaried positions were considered in these statistics. Self-employed electricians were not included. Many self-employed electricians earn closer to £40,000 per year if not more – so if these figures were included, the results of the survey may be different. 


What is the current rate for an electrician?


Because these figures are largely based on salaried positions, it is difficult to find exactly how much they are likely to earn in different parts of the country. However, in London it is thought to be around either £45 per hour, or £300 per day, depending on the job. The further north you go, this is likely to drop. There is a lot of scope to earn more as an electrician, as you can charge for parts and make a profit on them – so clients don’t pay for just your time alone.


If you are a trainee, however, you are likely to earn much less than this – often below the minimum wage. This is to be expected if you are taking part in an apprentice scheme, however you are learning skills that you will be able to use to make a great deal of profit in the future. It could therefore be something that would be well worth the investment.


How much scope is there for an electrician to earn more?


One of the best ways to earn more is to simply look at what’s out there. Don’t simply work for the first company that you come across.  However, you should be careful about how you get your work. If you look at any job website, you are likely to find that the roles advertised are dealt with by agencies. They will then take a portion of your wage for putting you in touch with the employer. Instead, you should note down the company name and contact them directly, as you would be able to bypass this fee and keep more of it for yourself.


You should make sure that you apply for plenty of positions to get yourself seen in the industry. This means that you have a much better chance of being invited to interview, and choosing a position that would suit you.


Once you are in a role, you need to ensure that you are doing everything you can to make yourself stand out from the crowd. This means that you should always be on time, and complete work to the best of your ability. If you do this, then it is likely that you will be considered for pay rises if you work for a company, or be recommended by word of mouth if you work for yourself. Repeat custom is hugely important if you decide to be self-employed. Conducting yourself in the best possible manner gives you the best chance to build a positive reputation.


Although you will of course need to think about pay when you decide the career path you would like to go down, it is also important that you enjoy the work that you’re doing – particularly in a job that is so hands on. Working as an electrician gives you the chance to get out of the office and work in a job meeting lots of new people, and it would be an ideal choice for those who don’t like any two days to be the same.



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