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Types of work

Extraman deals mainly with the following types of work:

   Warehouse work, which involves picking/packing products, organising/allocating stock, working in areas such as despatch, goods in, replenishment and fulfilment. The work is usually light; where heavier duties are involved, candidates are briefed accordingly. We work for many household name customers, as well as countless smaller concerns and many of our longer term temporary workers progress to full time employment with the companies concerned. Some warehouse work is offered on a day to day basis, but more often it will be for a set period of time and long term positions are frequently available.

Construction and General Labouring work tends to be heavier and may involve offloading materials, assisting with interiors installations, demolition, general site clearing, furniture removals and installations etc. Many of the companies and sites we supply staff to require a CSCS Certificate. CSCS accredited work attracts a higher pay rate than other labouring work.

            Events and Exhibitions work involves tasks such as setting up and dismantling exhibition stands, offloading materials and equipment, building staging and lighting rigs at concerts and laying temporary walkways and flooring surfaces. We work also at a number of sports stadia where we are involved in assembling and dismantling seating, pitch conversions and preparing for major events.

Admin/Office work is supplied by our Office Jobs division which provides both temporary and permanent placements.

We cater for those who wish to work occasionally, those who want long term, full time positions and those who see us as a bridge towards returning to a permanent job. Around 100 people a year progress from our books to work permanently for the companies we supply to.

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