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Frequently asked questions

  What happens if I make a late cancellation on a booking?

We do have a minimum hour charge to ensure that all workers receive a fair days pay. This also allows our workers to be compensated should there be no requirement for them after they have been booked for work. If a job is cancelled the day before, there will be no charge, if the job is cancelled 2 hours prior to the start of a job the minimum charge will stand.

  What happens if a temporary worker does not show up to work?

If a worker has not shown up for a shift due to either illness or absence, we will endeavour to find a replacement as soon as possible. A consultant is in the office from 6am-7pm at all times, and will be in constant contact with the client updating them with the progress of the replacement worker. You will not be charged for a minimum for the replacement candidate and will only pay them from the time they arrive.

  What happens if I am not happy with a workers performance?

If a client is unhappy with a worker, they need to contact a consultant immediately. We will then endeavour to find a replacement as soon as possible.

  Can I book a crew for Events/Exhibitions or Labouring work, for less than 8 hours?

Yes, we offer a 6,4 and 2 hour call within Central London. When enquiring about a job with one of our consultants simply ask if your location falls within these parameters.

  What if I book a 4hour call for a crew for Events/Exhibitions but suspect it may go over?

No problem, simply inform one of our consultants that the booking may go over time and the 6 hour charge will stand. We are not in the practice of booking our workers for more than one job a day. This ensures that the crew can stay if required.

  Can I book a crew of warehouse or labouring workers at the last minute?

Yes, we can take orders late at night or from 6am in the morning. We will endeavour to fill your order as quickly as possible although this always depends on how many candidates we have available on that day.

  Do you charge travel fares for work outside of Central London?

Yes, if the location of work is outside Zone 4 there will usually be a travel charge added. This charge is paid directly to the worker.

  Can I take on a temporary worker onto my books?

Yes, you can offer a temporary worker permanent employment, in accordance with our Terms and Conditions of Business.

  Do you have a 24 hour emergency hotline?

Yes we do. The number is 07813045532. Our office hours are Monday to Friday 6am-7pm and Saturday 7am-12 noon, please contact the office number inside of these hours.

  Do you supply Crew Chiefs for Events and Exhibitions work?

We do supply Crew Chiefs for crews of 6 men or more. Please enquire with one of our consultants for further details and rates.

  Do your crew for Events/ Exhibition or Labouring work wear a uniform and do they have PPE?

Yes, all of our crew wear and Extraman uniform. They are equipped with Steel capped boots, Hi Visibility jacket and Hard Hats. Please be aware that all our equipment is Extraman branded.

  Do your workers for warehousing work wear a uniform?

We can supply our workers uniform depending on what is required in the warehouse environment. We usually provide steel capped boots to all our workers.

  Do you supply transport for your workers?

We do not supply transport, however this can be arranged on request. Please enquire with one of our consultants regarding charge rates.

  What levels of English do your workers have?

All of our candidates have a face to face interview with a consultant where their English levels are assessed. We only register candidates who have a good command of English.

  Can you supply workers at different times of the day/night?

Yes we can supply workers at any time of the day, however this is usually dependant on London Transport systems. Most of our workers do not have their own transport.


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