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Extraman are fully compliant with all Home Office Guidelines and Working Time Regulations governing the employment of Temporary Workers. We ensure that all our candidates are entitled to work in the UK and if required are registered with the Workers Registration Scheme. Extraman are also members of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) and the Association of Labour Providers (ALP). The "Our Ethics" tab explains how we go further than other agencies to ensure and guarantee that we are 100% compliant in all that we do.


All recruitment is undertaken face to face with our consultants interviewing each candidate. From this we gather information such as availability, previous work experience and level of communication skills. This also allows our consultants to assess the potential each person has and indicate which type of work, client and shift would be suited to the person.

Our Temporary Workforce is the ‘product' we supply and we work to ensure that only hard-working, conscientious and reliable people continue to build our reputation in an Industry where there are many operators. Registration over the internet and sending staff to work having never met them is something we never do. Such short cuts cannot deliver a high quality service.

We believe we are different in the way that we treat our workers. As almost all our consultants have previously worked for Extraman as temporary workers, we understand the need to get to know our temps on a personal level and are always friendly, but firm. This approach has lead to a greater retention of staff and a better level of performance when at work. Our workforce, while necessarily partly transient, includes large numbers of people who have been referred to us by previous workers; recently, we even had the Grandchild of someone who worked for us in the Eighties registering with us.


All staff can be engaged to work for one day, on an ongoing basis or can be employed on a Temp to Perm basis. While we always appreciate notice of orders, we live in the real world and realise that this is not always possible. For late and emergency orders, we will always work flat out to fulfil our customers' needs.

We can supply labourers to work at any time of the day or night, however, this is dependant on the London Transport system.


Extraman can provide a blue uniform including trousers, polo shirts and sweaters.

We can also equip all temps with Personal Protective Equipment in line with your requirements. Currently we have Safety Boots, Hi Visibility Jackets, Hard Hats, Glass Gloves, Rigger Gloves, Protective Eye Wear, Dust Masks and Waterproofs in stock. However we are more than willing to accommodate any other requirement.


At Extraman we understand the importance of Health and Safety to our clients. Before any of our Site or Event Labourers commence work, they are given a briefing at our Office which includes Safe Working practices on site, Manual Handling techniques and Accident Reporting.

All labourers are given a Safe Practices Guide leaflet, and records are kept verifying who has received this information.

Extraman has Employers' Liability and Public Liability insurance; however, our temps work under the Supervision, Direction and Control of our clients who must also be fully insured to cover their responsibilities.


All workers are fully briefed with your company's details before being sent to work. They receive an Instruction sheet that details the Job Specification to ensure that they are fully prepared for that days work. This includes the following information:

  • Address, Map and Contact Details;
  • Conduct at Work;
  • Communication requirements;
  • Timesheet arrangements;
  • Payment details;
  • Rates of Pay, Overtime premiums and Holiday Pay;
  • Nature of work and duties to be performed.

Our consultant team will be liaise closely to ensure you are satisfied with the attitude, conduct and work performance of the worker supplied.


Extraman are regularly requested to provide labourers to areas outside of the capital. This is done at a charge that covers fares, travel time and where necessary accommodation which is paid directly to the temporary worker. Prices for these occasions are quoted on a job to job basis.

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