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The heat is on (or will be soon)

The long awaited first report from the Director of Labour Market Enforcement has been published. There are many recommendations to protect the rights of lower paid workers and bring rogue employers into line.

In the recruitment agency sector, the government will be urged to deliver the following measures:

To help ensure compliance throughout supply chains, joint responsibility measures should be introduced where the brand name (at the top of the chain) bears joint responsibility for any non-compliance found further down its own supply chain. Where non-compliance is found, follow-up action by enforcement agencies in conjunction with the brand name and supplier would be undertaken in private to provide an opportunity to correct the infringements within a given timeframe. Failure to correct could result in public naming of both the brand name and supplier.

(United Kingdom Labour Market Enforcement Strategy 2018/2019 - Sir David Metcalf)

Organisations that have not to date asked too many questions of the agencies they use, will continue to do so at their peril as the net closes tighter upon supply chain exploitation of workers.

Customers using Extraman will need to change nothing; our unique compliance guarantees ensure that neither clients nor workers are ever compromised and that we continue to lead the field in our ethical approach to labour supply.

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