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Worker Surveys

An innovation that is developing well for our customers and ourselves is the use of Worker Surveys. Following a period of peak demand, we enagage with our workforce to complete surveys where they give their opinions on their experience. Questions are asked about the performance of both Extraman and our customer and suggestions are sought as to how the overall package could be improved. As these surveys are anonymous, there is no reason for anybody to withold views. Collating responses and discussing the outcome with our customer brings about tangible benefits and leads to all round improvement.

Our most recent survey received 41 responses. There was not a single negative comment regarding Extraman and here are some of the positive ones.

"Upfront and very professional"; "Extraman were extremely fast in getting me work"; "Fast end efficient communication between agency and team members"; "Extraman are brilliant in communicating details of job rotas, wages and queries"; "Excellent communication and a safe working environment"; 'Very quick and helpful replies"; "I was impressed by the level of personal support by the Extraman staff"; "The process was straightforward and it's very clear what is required of you"; "I think they're all amazing and I'm glad Extraman helped me to easily get a job"; "The professionalism of the Extraman team"; "The speed of administrative action and communication"; "Very helpful, friendly and a great agency to work for".

Giving our workers the chance to tell us exactly how they view us is essential, as they are the lifeblood of our operation. We are delighted with the results of this most recent survey but they are used to keep us on our toes and our efforts will continue to provide the optimum service of our kind to be found in London.