Holiday Pay for everyone

ALL temporary workers are entitled to receive holiday pay, however long they work for. Many receive nothing, or only a fraction of what they should get. How does this happen?

Often, workers are unaware of their entitlement. It should be explained when they register. Many agencies omit to do so.

Many agencies also omit to explain that there is a "holiday year" which, when it ends, means that untaken holiday pay cannot be carried over to the next holiday year. Therefore, significant sums of entitlement are frequently used to enrich agency owners, rather than the rightful recipients.

When people stop working for an agency, they often leave while unaware that all accrued, but untaken, holiday pay should be paid when their P45 is issued.

If, say, you are working throughout August, but your leave year finishes at the end of the month, how can you take the holiday pay accrued in that month?

There is gathering momentum in the recruitment industry to highlight the epidemic of agencies profiting hugely from withholding holiday pay. As a percentage, holiday pay is often much higher than the margin agencies charge their clients. Failing to pay is hugely profitable.

At Extraman, every worker has these guarantees.

Accrued holiday pay is printed on every payslip so everyone can see their entitlement each week. We are virtually alone in the industry in doing this. Why?

Our workers can carry forward holiday pay from one leave year to another. 

All unpaid holiday pay is paid upon issuing a P.45.

When you work for Extraman, you receive all that you are entitled to. If you work for another agency, make sure you do, too.