A Great Time for Temporary Workers

The pendulum has swung away from employers and towards job seekers as the current excess of demand for workers over supply gathers pace.

The recruitment industry monthly survey shows workers to be more in demand than at any time since the survey began in 1998.

For those looking for opportunities, pay rates have increased markedly, even within the past few months, and show no sign of slowing. Whereas National Minimum Wage was the going rate for unskilled work for many years, it is now very much the exception, with companies realising that to successfully recruit, and retain, staff at that rate is highly unlikely. Many semi-skilled positions are now paying as much, if not more, than graduate entry level positions. With staff shortages undoubtedly becoming more acute, as many overseas citizens return to their country of birth, with no replacements allowed, there has never been a time when temporary workers have been able to shop around and look for positions which reward them well.

Those looking for work via recruitment agencies can now flex their muscles and make absolutely sure that their agency follows best practice; all must receive holiday pay and not suffer payroll deductions other than those prescribed by law. Rogue agencies need no longer be tolerated and the days when workers have little choice are gone - certainly for now.