Naming and Shaming

The government has produced a "Name and Shame" list of companies that have been fined for failing to pay their workers Minimum Wage.

Unsurprisingly, the recruitment industry is well represented; indeed, top of the offenders list is the largest company in our sector of the recruitment industry, namely Staffline. That company failed to pay £5,125,270.93 to no less than 36,767 workers.

Staffline's biggest competitor in the industrial recruitment sector, The Best Connection, is another company which has been named and shamed previously for failure to pay Minimum Wage. In their case, £469,273.83.

 When choosing a recruitment agency, organisations should look very closely at what lies beneath what are often "too good to be true" prices. Margins are squeezed ever tighter and often it is the temporary worker who pays the price.

Whether to protect themselves from reputational risk or from realisation that a properly paid workforce is a more productive one, or simply because they subscribe to fair treatment of everyone who works for them, users of agency labour are well advised to take every precaution before deciding upon an agency supplier. 

 Extraman has recently been independently audited by PAYEpass, a company set up to ensure the highest standards. Hundreds of our payments to workers were analysed and we successfully passed their audit. Companies and organisations who use our services are assured that every worker receives every penny they are entitled to, with nothing deducted. Believe us, that is rare. It is also the only way we will ever do business.